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Laminated safety glazings

A laminated safety glazing is comprised of two or more glazings and a PVB-film in between that have been attached to each other by laminating. A plastic layer makes laminated glass tough and difficult to penetrate through. When strained, laminated glazing breaks like normal glass, but as the splinters stick to the film, the risk of cuts declines and the glass sheet stays in one piece and so the glazing won’t fall through.

The glazings in laminated safety glazings can be, for example, bright, colored, etched, silk-screen printed, painted, tempered or untempered. The film can be bright, colored or opal.

Laminated glazing is often used, for example, when the glazing needs to stay in one piece and on its place when it is broken, so it will prevent from penetration or falling through. It can also be used when it is not possible to get a desired color in mass coloring. If there is a need for the superior hardness of tempered glass, laminated safety glazing can also be tempered.

Laminated and laminated-tempered glazings are used in railings, windows, roof glazings and vehicle glazings, among others.