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We manufacture custom-built mirrors. In addition to bright, there are multiple color options, for example gray, bronze, blue and green. In addition to regular shine edge grinding, it is possible to get facet grinding 10-30 mm.

There are various options for attaching the mirror: background fasteners glued behind the mirror, J-moldings, aluminum moldings, and wooden frames.

Lit mirrors, in which the background of the mirror is sandblasted and the light goes through the sandblasting, are modern and very popular. The size and patterns of sandblasting are always made individually.

The background or the surface of the mirror can also be sandblasted with a desired pattern, according to a drawing or a photograph.


A mirror can be attached from its upper and lower sides with aluminum J-moldings. The lower molding is attached to a desired height on the wall, after which the top edge of the mirror is marked. The upper J-molding is attached to the wall, and due to slide holes, the molding can be pressed on the top edge of the mirror, which makes the mirror fasten on its place.

Glass fastener hooks
Hooks, four per mirror, are also a popular way of fastening mirrors.

Aluminum profile fastening
An aluminum profile frame or moldings can be glued on the background of the mirror. Aluminum profile has holes for fastening, to which the mirror is attached. Aluminum profiles have the same advantage as gluing - there are no visible marks on the front of the mirror.

Hidden fasteners
It is also possible to glue fastener slabs on the background of the mirror, in which case the mirror hangs from screw heads like a painting. Fastener slabs have the same advantage as gluing - there are no visible marks on the front of the mirror.

Gluing the mirror directly on the background is a good option especially when the aim is to fill in a wall surface with a mirror. We will provide you with best information on the suitability of a glue for attaching a mirror. From us you can get a glue and gluing instructions that are definitely suitable for the job.

Wooden frames
In our store we have a selection of mirror frames from Larson Juhl at display.

See the models:

Pyydä tarjous

Design your own mirror

Design your own mirror and let’s make one together that suits its owner. We are more than happy to help you with the design and tell you the technical restrictions. Draw, write or take a picture of the mirror of your dreams and bring it to us. It’s all up to your imagination!