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Sauna glass walls and doors

The glass wall of Kimmelux sauna creates a modern sauna experience and a great spa-like atmosphere to any sauna. With a glass wall, sauna and bathroom are integrated to form a unitary and spacious room.

We custom-build sauna glass walls from tempered glass.

There are several glazing options: normal bright glass, iron-free special bright glass, tinted glass in grey, bronze, black, satin glass and iron-free satin glass. Fitted glazings are fixed into the tile surfaces with ecru colored or shiny aluminum moldings that we have an excellent selection in store. As the door hinges, we use the high-quality Roca hinges that are justifiable and adjustable and can be fixed from glass to wall or from glass to glass. The hinges are either shiny chromium or satin chromium. We have also other hinges in stock.

Glass walls made by measurements are always tailor-made according to the target, and also atypical solutions are possible. Call us or send an email and we will help you with planning and do the installation work.

We also deliver sauna doors with frames.

Steam room doors

In steam room doors we use tempered safety glass with a thickness of 8 mm, available in different colors - bronze, gray, blue, green, satin and normal bright. The frames (53 x 27 mm) are anodized aluminum designed for humid spaces. The product is delivered with knobs.

Sauna doors with frames

In door frames we use glulam pine or alder. 8 mm thick tempered safety glass is used in the glazing, and it comes in different colors - bronze, gray, blue, green, satin and normal bright. There are three different options for the handle (normal, long, horizontal). High-quality, adjustable Fiskars hinges are used in the doors, and they come in two different colors (bronze/silver). It is also possible to have an adjustable roll lock put on the door.

Sauna doors can be made either left-handed or right-handed. Covering plugs for screw holes are included in the door.

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