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Bullet resistant glazing / Safety glasses

Guns, explosives, cars, axes, burglary tools - Kimmelux safety glass endures even the most aggressive attacks, and without any serious damage.

Several attempts of break-in and penetration have shown in practice that our safety glazing products have decisive advantages when compared to traditional safety glazing.

Kimmelux safety glazing has been tested not only according to standards, but also in the toughest practical circumstances.

Due to its special technology, Kimmelux safety glazing is thinner and lighter than traditional safety glazing.

Kimmelux glazing fits almost any window frame.

Kimmelux safety glazing is lighter than traditional safety glazing.

Thanks to lighter safety glazing, modern bulletproof vehicles can be equipped with better bullet resistance without any excess weight.

Big antique doors, windows and sliding elements that are equipped with our safety glazing are easy to open because of their lightness.

UV impermeable
Kimmelux safety glazing protects valuable works of art and furniture from harmful ultraviolet radiation approximately 200 nm - 380 nm.

The UV spectrum penetration scale shows that Kimmelux safety glazing filters UV radiation entirely, while preserving the brightness and display of color.