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Kimmelux EM-shield glazing

Kimmelux manufactures EM-shield glazing that filters electromagnetic waves in radio frequencies from 100 Hz to 100 GHz. Shield glazing designed for this purpose guarantees the performance and maintenance of systems. EM-shield glazing prevents the waves from data transmission devices, radars, aircraft and spacecraft, vehicles, computers, telecommunication systems and other devices from affecting other equipment.

The appearance of EM-shield glazing does not differ from normal window glazing. All bullet resistant and burglary proof glazings, normal window glazing elements and other special glazings, such as fire resistant glazing, can be equipped with EM-shielding. Kimmelux EM-shield glazing has an excellent permeability of visible light (380-720 nm).

The glazing does not have any wires or mesh that would impair transparency.

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